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Bill Bellamy

Using his experiences growing up in Newark, Bill Bellamy started doing stand-up while he was a student at Rutgers University. Bellamy quickly discovered how much he enjoyed making people laugh and began honing his skills at small comedy clubs around the country and was soon making waves in the New York clubs like The Improv, The Comic Strip, and at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles.

In less than two years of launching his stand-up career, Bellamy earned a spot on HBO’s DEF COMEDY JAM where he notoriously coined the phrase “Booty Call.” The now famous late-night rendezvous moniker became the name for his first comedy special for Showtime; “Booty Call” and it was instantly one of the network’s top-rated specials.

Bellamy became a staple on MTV in the 90’s as one of the first “VJs” on the network. He hosted several of their programming blocks, including MTV JAMS. MTV TOP 20 COUNTDOWN and MTV BEACH HOUSE, while interviewing everyone from the late Kurt Cobain, Prince, Snoop Dogg, to Janet Jackson. In 1996, Bill landed his own late night series, “The Bill Bellamy Show.” 

Bill starred and executive produced in his own syndicated show in 2012 MR. BOX OFFICE with costars Jon Lovitz, Tim Meadows, and Vivica J. Fox. Prior to MR. BOX OFFICE Bellamy has appeared on recurring episodes of Tyler Perry’s MEET THE BROWNS/TBS and has guest-starred on ABC’s CASTLE, USA’s ROYAL PAINS, USA’s WHITE COLLAR & TNT’s MURDER IN THE FIRST. Previously, Bill hosted and produced four seasons of the TV One comedy competition show WHO’S GOT JOKES? and hosted two seasons of NBC’s Emmy Nominated LAST COMIC STANDING.

Bellamy also continued to star on the big screen in addition to garnering coveted guest roles in several prominent television series. In the feature world, Bellamy starred in LOVE JONES, HOW TO BE A PLAYER, LOVE STINKS, THE BROTHERS, and ANY GIVEN SUNDAY. At the same time, showcasing his mutli-hyphenate talents, Bellamy continued to hone his comedy and stand-up prowess. He debuted his second comedy special, CRAZY SEXY DIRTY in May 2012, it was one of the highest rated comedy specials of their respective years on Showtime. In 2017 Bellamy co-starred with Shemar Moore & Nadine Velazquez in the romantic comedy THE BOUNCE BACK.

Bill was a recurring co-host on THE RACHAEL RAY SHOW and Bill has also filled in for host Mario Lopez on ACCESS HOLLYWOOD Live and hosted the ESPY AWARDS red carpet for ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT. In 2015, Bill hosted the Telepictures/Scripps syndicated hit game show LETS ASK AMERICA.

In between acting in feature films, TV shows and hosting duties, Bill decided return to his first love – stand-up comedy. Bellamy debuted his third Showtime comedy special, LADIES NIGHT OUT . The tour sold out nation-wide and featured material by comedians Ali Siddiq, J. Reid and D’Lai. Bill has appeared as a featured player in SHAQ”S ALL STAR COMEDY JAM which tours across the country and as a Showtime comedy special
in 2017. Bill also headlined a nation-wide comedy tour, THE STANDING OVATION TOUR, with Tommy Davidson, Sommore, Marc Curry & Tony Rock.

Bellamy joined the top-rated Tom Joyner Morning Show as a weekly co-host for the 2017 season.

In 2018, Bellamy had a key recurring role on HBO’s INSECURE. Bellamy can next be seen in the horror/thriller film, A DARK FOE, opposite Selma Blair and Graham Greene. Bill also landed a series regular role in the ABC pilot, NANA, alongside Katey Segal. Most recently, Bellamy produced and starred in the holiday film ” A Rich Christmas for BET Plus, while staring in the upcoming comedy ” Back To The Strip” featuring Wesley Snipes, Tiffany Haddish, J Smoove, Gary Owens and Faison Love. 2021 Bellamy in his first book deal with Harper- Collins to be released fall of 2022. Also, signed a joint venture with Breakbeat Media to produce his own podcast.

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Billy Sorrells

Billy Sorrells is an American actor, comedian, and digital content creator. Known for his versatility, Sorrells has made a significant mark in both traditional and digital entertainment mediums, leveraging platforms like YouTube and Instagram to reach an ever-growing audience. He has utilized his unique humor and charismatic persona to carve a distinct niche for himself in the entertainment industry.Starting his career as a stand-up comedian, Sorrells caught the national attention with his performance on the stand-up comedy TV show “Comic View,” and Jamie Foxx’s Foxxhole which marked his initial breakthrough in the industry. His performance there showcased his comedic talents and led to further opportunities on TV. In the television arena, Sorrells is well recognized for his appearance on MTV’s sketch comedy series “Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘N Out” and BET’s “Comic View.” He has also made appearances on the TV series “Black Jesus” and His television roles demonstrate his comedic timing as well as his ability to handle more serious, dramatic content.

On YouTube, Sorrells has been a formidable force. He has successfully combined his comedic talents with his skill as a digital content creator to entertain millions worldwide. His sketches, parodies, and series, including the well-known “This is a commentary” and “SH*T Black Girls Say,” have garnered millions of views. These video series display his sharp wit, his understanding of digital trends, and his ability to resonate with diverse audiences.Sorrells’ Instagram platform, @billysorrells, further underscores his comedic talents and his ability to engage with his fans on a personal level. Through his regular posts, skits, and behind-the-scenes shares, he provides an intimate look into his life and work. He uses the platform not just for humor but also to discuss topical issues, revealing a multi-dimensional personality that extends beyond his on-screen persona.

Despite his numerous achievements, Sorrells remains grounded. He has spoken about his journey, his struggles, and his experiences, allowing his followers to connect with him not just as an entertainer but also as a person. He is a testimony to the power of laughter and the importance of staying true to one’s roots. Overall, Billy Sorrells represents the new age of comedy, where humor extends beyond the stage and screen and into the digital world. He continues to make waves in Hollywood and beyond, demonstrating that talent, combined with hard work and authenticity, can overcome any obstacle.Billy Sorrells, over the course of his career, has amassed a significant number of credits under his belt. His television work extends beyond the realms of comedy. He appeared in “According to Him + Her,” a series of short films that allowed him to display his talent for quick-witted humor and relatable narratives.

His presence in films also deserves mention. Sorrells made his mark in the movie industry with his roles in “Mollywood” and “Hollywood Hearts,” showcasing his range as an actor and his ability to translate his comedic talents to the big screen. These roles have helped cement his status as a versatile performer, capable of navigating both comedy and drama with equal finesse. Additionally, Sorrells has made appearances in well-received TV shows such as “In the Cut” and “Family Time,” which further diversified his acting portfolio. His performance in these roles has demonstrated his versatility and adaptability as an actor, capable of bringing a unique touch to different characters and settings.

In addition to his acting roles, Sorrells has also demonstrated his talent behind the camera. He has several writing and producing credits, including the web series “Office Code,” highlighting his multi-faceted talent and his understanding of storytelling from both an actor’s and a creator’s perspective.Sorrells’s journey in the entertainment industry is a testament to his hard work, talent, and resilience. From his early days in stand-up comedy to his current status as a well-recognized figure in both traditional and digital entertainment mediums, he continues to make significant contributions to the industry while keeping his audiences entertained and engaged.

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History has a funny way of repeating itself. Take the Windy City of Chicago circa the 1820s when a self-proclaimed Brooklyn street politician named Al Capone revolutionized the crime world with his hustling antics. Nearly 70 years later, the Bronx is introduced to Derrick Lee, another hustler who trades in his ruggish-thuggish ways to become a successful entrepreneur and later metamorphosize the world of comedy as Capone, the Gangster of Comedy.

While both Capones lives slightly parallel each other, our beloved comedian’s life is not tragic, but inspirational. Unlike Chi-town’s original crime lord, Capone, the comedian didn’t ignore the warning signs that he needed to cease the hustle. His first and last sign came in 1991 after receiving a nine-month sentence. It was then that the soon-to-be notorious funnyman knew the street life wasn’t his calling. “Jail was a blessing for me,” recalls the 28-year old comedian of his spiraling street career. “At the rate I was going I’d either be spending a whole lot of time there or end up dead.” With a second chance, Capone left the street life and became a home attendant for the mentally challenged. “It may seem a little far fetched that I chose a Samaritan job, but I’ve always been interested in helping people, especially those who can’t do for themselves.” Although his salary was a far cry from his previous income, he valued his freedom enough to stay on a legitimate path and supplemented his wages by moonlighting as a barber on the weekends. It was at his second job, that he began to hone his comedic skills by engaging in intense snap sessions with co-workers. “I was always crackin’ jokes on the customers or my co-workers so the barber shop served as a sort of comedy haven for me.”

It wasn’t until 1992, when a promoter friend of Capone’s challenged him to take his innate talent off the streets and to the stage that his comedy career was launched. “My first show was at Columbia University,” says the eight year comedic veteran of his meager beginnings and who credits his late mother for his comedic sense. “I won the amateur contest and I was invited to perform with the heavy hitters.” Performing with professionals such as Tracey Morgan (Saturday Night Live), Talent (Wyclef Jean’s 1998 The Carnival), Michael Epps (Next Friday) opened up many doors for the boisterous budding comedian. He immediately ditched his day job after he’d saved his earnings to open his first barber shop six years ago. “It was always one of my dreams to have my own barber shop and work for myself.”

Today, the notorious funnyman is also the C.E.O. of D.D.L. Enterprises (his initials) and owns three businesses in the Bronx -a barber and beauty shop and a computer store. In addition to his acute business savvy, Capone’s ability to adapt to any audience has made him a mainstay in the comedy arena. He’s performed at a slew of comedy clubs including New York’s Caroline’s Comedy Club, Uptown Comedy Club, Boston Comedy Club and tons of universities. It is this same universal comedic flair that helped Capone nab his gig as the host of Harlem’s legendary Amateur Night at the Apollo Theatre. “My jokes are personal -relationships, children, society, work, ethnicity,” admits Capone who also hosts the majority of the Apollo’s scheduled concerts. “I transform it into a comedic vision.” Luckily for the humorous, the gangster of comedy and his silly comrades had an even bigger vision -to unite The Big Apple’s top five comedians (Capone, Talent, Gerald Kelly, Drew Frasier and Rob Stapleton) for a N.Y. Kings of Comedy tour. “We decided to put this show together about a year ago, but it was difficult with everyone’s conflicting schedules. But when we finally came together I went straight to the Apollo and made it happen.” The Royal Fam’ is such a hot commodity that the show sold out in less than a week and a second show had to be added. “We’ve gotten an overwhelming response and I’m hoping the show will travel soon.”

As if he isn’t already inundated with enough projects, Capone has also done album skits for one of the Ruff Ryder’s canines Drag-On’s solo debut Opposite of H2O and is currently completing his own debut My Life Was No Joke, a clever fusion of comedy, rhythm and blues and rap due out this July. Capone who is also remembered for his unique style of dress is also planning to launch his own clothing line in the near future. With such a hefty plate, it’s hard to imagine what Capone will most be remembered for -his contribution to the history of comedy or his flourishing businesses. “I want to be remembered as the comedian who handled things his way,” says Capone who also manages to be a doting father despite his dual career. “And as far as my personal contribution, I’d like to touch the lives of people who did not believe in themselves. Everybody has problems that they sometimes can’t control. But after the dark tunnel there’s always light, it’s just how long you’re willing to walk that path.”

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Chase Anthony

Chase Anthony was born in Atlanta, GA, raised in Minneapolis, MN and moved to Los Angeles after college. Chase’s style of comedy interjects a unique perspective on life, relationships, and family dynamics growing up with four sisters. But he also deals with some tough topics, such as alcoholism and his absentee father. Sharing his experiences through humor affords him the opportunity to spread a positive message and make a difference. For the last two years, Chase has traveled the country as opening act for the legendary comedian Sinbad. Having a day job as an actor, you’ve seen him on hit television shows like Lethal Weapon and Grey’s Anatomy. Look for him in the new web series A Whole New Irving. Chase lives by the saying: “Let’s Talk About It.” The ability to communicate what’s in your heart is where freedom lies.

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April Macie

April Macie is currently starring in the Tiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready Comedy Special on Netflix. She was a finalist on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” in 2006, has appeared on E! Entertainment, Sirius and XM Radio, Access Hollywood, Talk Soup, and HLN. April has appeared on the Howard Stern show where in 2008 she was voted the “Funniest and Hottest” comedian in America. She is also a regular guest on the Bob and Tom radio show and has toured with the Bob & Tom All-Stars. April has appeared on Showtime’s I Am Comic, Vegas Is My Oyster, Snoop Dogg’s: Bad Girls of Comedy, and was the host of the AVN Awards. April has also appeared on Comedy Underground with Dave Attell on Comedy Central and Jenny McCarthy’s Dirty Sexy Funny on A&E. She also gave a TEDx talk on turning pain into humor.

April travels internationally as a headlining stand-up comedian and most recently wrote an Op Ed piece for the LA Times about how the travel ban has forced she and her husband to live apart.

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Adam Ferrara

Adam Ferrara the Actor/Comedian who Entertainment Week-ly dubbed “Hilarious,” is currently starring on CBS’s All Access show, Why Women Kill with Ginnifer Goodwin, Lucy Liu and an all star cast. Also currently streaming on Amazon, in the Indie movie Little Italy, along side Emma Roberts and Hayden Christenson. His new podcast The Adam Ferrara Podcast is a breakout hit, considered a “must listen” by Hidden Remote. His new comedy album Unconditional was Interrobang’s Peo-ple’s Choice of Album of the Year.

For six seasons Adam co-hosted the critically acclaimed BBC sensation, Top Gear US. He proudly played Chief Needles Nel-son on the Emmye nominated FX drama Rescue Me. Adam co-starred with Emmy@ Award winner Edie Falco on Showtime’s hit series Nurse Jackie. He has also co-starred alongside Kev-in James in the hit movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop and Definitely Maybe with Ryan Reynolds.

Some of Ferrara’s other TV credits include CBS’s The Good Fight, Criminal Minds, Kevin Can Wait, The King Of Queens, NBC’s Law & Order, ABC’s Ugly Betty.