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Innovative Artists represents the foremost talent in all areas of voiceover and on-camera commercials.

The agency's distinguished voiceover actors, including young talent, can be heard around the world in radio and television commercials, animation, promos, trailers, narration, documentaries, on-line media, videogames and audiobooks.

The extensive and diverse list of actors of all ages appear in the traditional forms of advertising, including on-camera television commercials and industrial videos, as well as the evolving world of on-line and interactive advertising, both domestically and internationally. Clients are also featured in videogames, music videos and exciting new media projects.

Innovative Artists has led the way in expanding the marketplace for celebrity talent endorsements in voiceovers, on-camera commercials and print advertising. Clients are entrusted with promoting many of the world's most established and recognized brands across the globe. These celebrity clients are also among the most sought after in the area of public appearances; including conventions, satellite media tours and keynote speaking engagements.  

The creative and close-knit collaboration amongst all agents ensures the clients access to a wide range of these unique opportunities.

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